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The food here is smashing

Crashed plane on roof of Napoles on Bennington Street in East Boston

Napoles, a Colombian restaurant and bar (with a lot of Italian items and a really nice pool table) on Bennington Street in East Boston, kept the "crashed" plane that was a hallmark of the Jimmy Maggs restaurant that preceded it.




          ( Google Maps — Walley Street, Boston )

    Though I've passed by countless times, I've never eaten there. Being so close to the Suffolk Downs station, it would certainly be convenient to just step off the train and have lunch or dinner on my way to or from Boston on the Blue Line.

    Because of Adam's recommendation, I think I'll give Napoles a try. When I do, I'll be sure to say I heard about them on Universal Hub!

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We weren't feeling very adventurous today, so we went with Italian/American stuff. That was relatively pricey, actually, but you get like twice as much food as you can eat, so we have lunch or dinner for tomorrow.

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The guy outside is wearing an Atletico Nacional shirt. You should've gone after 8PM and experienced a sporting crowd that makes Boston fans seem tame. Nacional won the Liga Aguila (Colombian soccer) championship. Probably a only a few moreyears to experience the neighborhood as it is before the wave of gentrification completely sucks any of the fun and quirkiness out of the neighborhood. /downer

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