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Person shot in the head in Allston

Around 10:15 p.m., Scott Eisen reports. The homicide unit was called to the scene, near Cambridge Street, due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

Shell casings were found around the corner on Pratt Street, near the Garage nightclub parking lot, which was taped off as a possible crime scene.

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Looks like it happened at the garage nightclub there was police presence there all night even before the shooting so I don't know how someone was able to even think about attempting to do this.

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Handguns are made for killing and nothing else, etc, yada yada yada. Now let's make fun of the place.


Scroll to the bottom. A "payroll supervisor" for a nightclub? Also, who doesn't look at their GB logo and think that it should read DB?

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Those are all stock photos and bullshit names. If you click the contact page, you'll see their profiles for each person are "lorem ipsum" fake text.

The Garage was supposedly going to be an "upscale dinner club" where "drinking doesn't happen without eating". Yeah, that was total bullshit peddled by the Russians who own the "social club" that The Garage was an expansion of.


These assholes basically have been slow-rolling the city and playing loose with the rules (having been busted numerous times for alcohol and other violations over the past few years). And now someone has been shot in the head and it appears to be related to activities at the nightclub that night. Fucking shut them down.

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The vast majority of people who go there are of Russian descent, owners said.


The new space, called Garage Lounge Boston, would be used by people who want to rent out a smaller space than the main dining area, which Matov said has been a frequent request.

It would primarily be used for banquets, dinners, weddings, anniversaries and family events the restaurant has traditionally hosted, he said. The establishment will continue to cater to "œupscale clientele," enforcing a dress code and selling food and drinks at "high-end" prices, including tables for $300 to $750 each, Matov said.


Owners of a Russian bar and restaurant in Allston agreed to consider changing the name and marketing of a recent addition to their establishment after neighbors raised concern that the new venue's portrayal might attract an unwanted crowd.


"I take complete blame [for the violations]," he said. "It was a pure misunderstanding. It's not going to happen again."

Licensing Board records on "Russian Benevolent Society"

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The pussified coded language!

"after neighbors raised concern that the new venue's portrayal might attract an unwanted crowd."

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  • excessive drinking
  • property damage
  • late night noise & disruption
  • littering
  • vomiting
  • shooting
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Clubs,Drug trafficking, drug and alcohol abuse, organized crime syndicates = trouble

Although most club violence usually involve a girlfriend and perceived 'disrespect'...but alcohol and drugs facilitate the violence.

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