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Man charged as remote upskirter in Arlington cafe

Alleged remote upskirting equipement

Seized items (note battery still embedded in floral arrangement). Photo by Arlington PD.

Joseph B. Hennessey, 53, of Salem, NH, will spend the rest of the weekend in the Arlington Police lockup after his arrest this morning on charges he rigged up a system to watch women in the restroom at the Kickstand Cafe, 594 Mass. Ave., police say.

Police charge Hennesey, who will be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court, arrived at the cafe sometime before 8 a.m., placed a camera in the women's room and began "streaming the video feed to a device he was using inside the common area of the restaurant."

Hennessey is the first person charged in Arlington under the state's new ban on upskirting, which initially was aimed at pervs on the T. Police add:

Police spoke with one female victim at the restaurant, and it is believed that Hennessey may have frequented other cafes and establishments in the Arlington Center area.

Police seized the electronic devices and are applying for search warrants for those devices. The Arlington Police Department will also speak with authorities in Hennessey's home jurisdiction of Salem, N.H.

Innocent, etc.

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The NSA could use someone with his talents...

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... He's got there. Wonderful.

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Didn't know we had a Town "Criminal Investigation Bureau"

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It's basically the detectives' squad.

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