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When a doctor's wife is diagnosed with breast cancer

Dr. John Halamka at Beth Israel reports on his wife's diagnosis and plans - with her consent - to blog about her treatment:

Last Thursday, my wife Kathy was diagnosed with poorly differentiated breast cancer. She is not facing this alone. We're approaching this as a team, as if together we have cancer. She has been my best friend for 30 years. I will do whatever it takes to ensure we have another 30 years together.

She's has agreed that I can chronicle the process, the diagnostic tests, the therapeutic decisions, the life events, and the emotions we experience with the hope it will help other patients and families on their cancer treatment journey.




Oh that's such sad news. I've never met Kathy but I've often seen and enjoyed her artwork. Good luck to both of them.

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You seem to have so much love on your side.

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