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Trees exact revenge on Riverside Line again

Downed treeWorkers and the remains of the tree: Photo by MBTA.

UPDATE: Service has been restored.

No trolleys, only buses between Reservoir and Kenmore due to a tree falling on the tracks in both directions.

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maybe the T should send in the same hatchet men who have turned the Dorchester Red Line right of way into a treeless moonscape
or take some of the dozens of signs they posted along their Sydney St noise wall that read "Caution: Falling Tiles" (because somehow they can't stabilize them!?)and change them to "Caution: Falling Trees"

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People along the D Line had a fit because the T swooped-in and cleared a ton of trees on the right-of-way. What really sucks about this is that pretty much everything that could be done was done to prevent this, and it happened anyway.

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This appears to be right at Beaconsfield, where the T's contractor is engaged in what seems like a never-ending reconstruction of the Dean Rd. bridge. I wonder if the construction had a hand in helping this happen - there was a lot of excavation and I'm sure some roots were taken out.

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