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Campaign notes: Kevin McCrea's anguish over an endorsement; And Sam Yoon as the Boy Wonder

Kevin McCrea explains why he's voting for Flaherty tomorrow - and how he almost endorsed Menino instead, he and his wife even went to dinner with the Meninos at Hammersley's Bistro in the South End. In the end, he writes it came down to a single issue:

For me, it came down to the elimination of the BRA. I believe that the institution of the BRA has outlived its usefulness, that it is non-democratic, and that it is corrupt and that it breeds corruption, and that the rich use it as a tool to take advantage of the rest of us. I called Dot Joyce as a courtesy to let her and the Mayor know, and to thank her for her time, and for the Mayor’s valuable time. She tried to convince me otherwise, but I let her know that the BRA was the deciding factor for me. ...

Peter Paul Payack boils the mayoral campaign down to a cartoon.

Jay Fitzgerald predicts Menino V tomorrow, but worries about a remake of Kevin White's role in A Term Too Far.

Yes, that is one big-ass Menino sign by the side of the Expressway in Dorchester.




Me? I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. I'm going to tell you who I'm not voting for based on the fact that they robo-called me on my *cell phone*!

* Alex Selvig (multiple hang-ups until they finally answered and I told them never to call again)
* Ayanna Pressley (Thanks, Senator Kerry! Like I think you give two craps about who's on the City Council!)

I might still vote for Selvig because he's anti-BRA which is more than I can say for Ciommo.

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