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We imagine it sounded something like: SKEEERONNNCH

Squashed Ryder box truck in Kenmore Square

Greg Moseley took some pictures this afternoon of a Ryder box truck just sitting on Beacon Street in Kenmore Square around 4:15 p.m., looking suspiciously like it was freshly storrowed. What else could cause that sort of damage in that area?

Squashed box truck

Earlier, somebody on Reddit had posted some photos of a white Ryder box truck sitting on Storrow Drive and obviously freshly storrowed.

But was it the same truck? The roof damage in the two sets of photos didn't look the same.

Confirmation it was the same storrowing came flying over our virtual transom, in the form of a photo that Raymond Ausrotas took from the other side of the road:

Squashed box truck

Although you can't tell in the above photo, if you dive into the comments, you'll see a blowup that shows the serial number on the top of the box matches that on the driver's side door in one of the photos Moseley took.

Looks like somebody took a sledgehammer to the roof before the truck was driven off Storrow, possibly so it wouldn't immediately re-storrow (which raises the question: Has anybody ever storrowed twice on the same trip?).


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Great great great meetup today! Thanks for all that turned out. New friends, good conversation! Let’s do it again soon.

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Is this the same truck? In my pics, the sides are ripped down through the Ryder logo, but the pics on reddit have the full logo with some height above. OR, did whoever is responsible for making the truck safe to drive take the time to cut the sides down?

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Could be, you're right they don't look quite the same (alas, the Reddit photos don't show the DOT number on the front), but maybe the tow driver piled up the back of the truck into the truck?

Or maybe it's just a sign that nature is healing and storrowings are becoming plentiful again.

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Boston is all about the storrowings! Raymond Ausrotas spotted the newly shorn truck on Storrow Drive and if you zoom in on his photo, you can see that the serial number at the top right of the box matches that on the driver's side door in your photo. So looks like the tow driver, or somebody, did more than just hitch the truck up for the ride to Kenmore Square - they used a mallet or sledgehammer to pound down parts of what was left of the top of the truck.

Smashed truck
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As Elaine making the fax noise to Kramer.

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PFFT-Frack! Pop Sproing Ging

Too bad they're no longer in business Adam. You have potential.

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"Let's rent a truck and do the move ourselves," they said. "We'll save so much money," they said.

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Let's have a 19 year old CDL holder using only Google Maps for a GPS deliver stuff to the other side of the city in this rental truck.

I was at UHAUL this morning getting a hitch installed, and every driver renting a moving truck was being warned thoroughly about using their phone for a GPS, and Storrow Drive, and that underpass in Eastie, and driving in cities in general.

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