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A train crash that could no longer happen at Forest Hills

Forest Hill elevated crash

The Boston City Archives posted a couple of photos of the aftermath of a crash at the Forest Hills elevated station on Dec. 4, 1921, when the last car of a train derailed, causing one train car to fall to the street - narrowly missing a streetcar. No deaths or injuries, unlike a derailment on the el at Beech Street and Harrison Avenue seven years later that killed two and injured several more.



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This is on the south end fo the station beyond the passenger platform. This is the switch yard located between the station platform building and the repair shops that were up by Walk Hill Street. If the car jumped a bad switch this could happen. Since this is in the switch yard the only people on the train would have been the operator and door guards.

It appears this on the west-most track and beyond the switches, so the suggestion is that the dangling car was the last car being pulled in to the yard.

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... was in Chicago (a few blocks from where I worked): https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-cta-train-crash-der...

11 deaths, 160 people injured

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