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Temple Place bar gets OK to wig out and expand

The Boston Licensing Board today gave jm Curley on Temple Place downtown permission to expand into the soon to be closed Wig World next door.

The bar will use the space for a 31-seat space to be called the Wig Shop Lounge, bar attorney Marci Costa told the board at a hearing yesterday.


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bar attorney Marci Costa

Aren't all attorneys bar attorneys?

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jm Curley plans to use the space as a lounge, but they also plan to bar attorney Marci Costa from entering - she knows what she did.

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Street and club gal from the nonjudgmental clubs of 80s NYC and 80s Boston. The world needs more wigs!!!!!! Remember the old wig shop which we would shop at and we'd show up at the Haymarket Club wearing it? Hell ya!! No poisonous social media back then and we were much wilder and pumped up with cocaine.

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They should have called it the Curley Wig Lounge.

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Looking in the window always gives me the shivers.

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Leave the sign and expand Wig World.

You devote one entire wall to mannequin heads wearing a rotating kaleidoscope of mild to wild wigs and just turn the place out into a John Waters Polyester meets Low Desert Fuzz meets Pho Republique (RIP my love).

Then hit Jacques and ask around if any of the local ladies on the circuit can sling drinks.

Go COMPLETELY over the top with the aesthetic and have some god damn fun for once.

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Wiggy's for short

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the talented veteran Kevin Mabry managing the bar program again after a long hiatus. This is a nice expansion.

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Why did Wig World close?

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everywhere is suffering, particularly in old downtown neighborhoods like DTX, which seems to get less attractive as a shopping destination by the minute. Maybe it's just easier to buy your wigs on Amazon?

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They could never get a "head" of the problem

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Hello there, thank you for sharing the news about our expansion. I was hoping to offer a bit more clarity to the discussion. The Wig World has been a vibrant asset to the downtown community and we were looking to honor that with the name. The storefront will largely be kept intact (read: wigs in windows) with some improvements to the facade.

James, the owner of Wig World, was looking for a larger space for more inventory and he will be moving locations to another storefront close by. I’ll let him share that news when the time comes but the main point of this post is to let the public know that Wig World remains OPEN still for at least the next two weeks.

We will have more news and updates in the near future. We truly appreciate the excitement about this new project and adding to the dining scene in downtown Boston!

-Kevin Mabry
Managing Partner
jm Curley, Bogie’s Place & the Wig Shop

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