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Some Orange Line machinery that's been obsolete for years but is still plugged in and still kind of works

Machine for spitting out transfers from the Orange Line to the 39 bus

Our own Ron Newman reports on the continued existence of this transfer dispenser at the Back Bay Orange Line stop that once spit out tickets you could use to get on the 39 bus:

I don't think this machine has served a useful purpose since the MBTA introduced the CharlieCard in 2006. Yet it is still plugged in, and still makes a sound (though it no longer dispenses a paper transfer ticket) when you push the button.

Even though the need for it went away once CharlieCards meant you could transfer for free from a subway stop to a bus line, the device still serves a purpose, Apparently Inebriated Rudy reports:

It maybe be old but it’s a good place to set your DD ice coffee while you tie your shoe or find your T pass.

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Spits out a book of matches too.

There are two electronic signs at Forest Hills that have never been seen. One is outside the bike cage door, the other is just to the left of the fare gates near the ticket machines. They are both wrapped in garbage bags as they have been since they were installed. I think one went up in the 90s, and the other was installed about 10 years later. I kept wondering what they said, but apparently we will never know. They are only the world’s most expensive garbage bag holders.


Under the covers, the signs say "WARNING: Do not remove garbage bag covers from this sign."

That would mean work for a T employee, and we can’t have that.

Here I'd thought this was one of those new fare machines they'd rolled out.

(After writing that I got curious about just how "AFC 2.0"/"Fare Transformation" is coming along at the T. As I'm sure will surprise everyone, this project that was supposed to wrap over a year ago is estimated now to finish in 2024, and is over $200 million over budget and counting. More of the unparalleled professional excellence we've come to expect from T management.)

catching on fire; or, running away out of control; or, falling down the escalator; ... i'd say just leave it alone.


funny that these buttons on an m.b.t.a. subway platform will still work:

This machine was still spitting out tickets 8 or 9 years ago. There's also almost identical transfer machine at Ashmont station that I believe still dispenses transfer tickets to get on the Mattapan trolley. I think these and the old bus schedule kiosks made by the Carmen's Union Shop Carpenters give the stations character.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if that old machine still cranked out tickets.
In my experience, the drivers never asked for tickets at any stage of the trip.
Neither inbound nor out.
As it should be.