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Roslindale Square convenience store wins approval to sell beer and wine

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a request from the owners of the Roslindale Variety Store, 4254 Washington St., next to PS Gourmet, to add beer and wine to their convenience-store offerings.

The store, open until 11, replaced the convenience store that used to have Mexican wrestling masks in the windows.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce moved for approval. She said no nearby residents opposed the proposal at the hearing and that opposition from some full-service liquor stores in the area was not enough to deter the plans. "It's not intended to become a full-service liquor store," she said.


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"It's not intended to become a full-service liquor store,"

I'm not generally opposed to more places selling beer and wine. With that said, every crappy convenience store that is allowed to add beer and wine very rapidly becomes a "beer and wine store" that has a few shelves of tired groceries (plus of course the obligatory lottery tickets and smokes.) I cite the recent rebranding of the store on Belgrade Ave across from the Home Market with window-filling pictures of icy beer.

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And that's a problem because? If they are meeting a need, then they'll be fine. If they're not, then they'll change their model or go out of business and someone else will replace them. What's the issue?

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It”s known as consumer demand.

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You mean Silva's Place/the little Brazilian market on the corner? It is my understanding that the owner sold the place to new owners who got the beer/wine license and changed it up.

My favorite is probably "Metamorphosis" on River in Lower Mills. To get the beer/wine license they applied as being a more upscale/sophisticated place with tasting, adding artisanal gourmet cheeses, etc. Nope, tired groceries, keno, loto, smokes, and now beer and wine, lol. Not a knock on them either - I just always found their pitch vs. what reality became as pretty funny, especially given the name change/rebranding to "Metamorphosis".

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I don't mean to say that you need to look like an elegant wine boutique, but the liquor store that replaced Silva's has the worst feel for the neighborhood of any business that's opened up in Roslindale in a decade.

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Good. Now hopefully Forest Hills Convenience can be allowed the same. Regular customer here and neighborhood resident. Signed my name in support on their long list of fellow neighbors and signatories. These gentlemen work hard and take pride in a clean, welcoming store with incredible work ethic for many years.

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