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Reed-b-gone program along Muddy River continues apace

Scott gives us an aerial view of the Army Corps of Engineer's work to remove the reeds 'n' other weeds along the Muddy River on the Boston/Brookline line.

Pretty amazing transformation of the old Fenway reeds into what could be really nice riverside parkland.

The project, which started 10 years ago with the "daylighting" of the river in front of the old Sears building, is aimed at reducing the odds of the Muddy River ever again flooding so badly it shuts the Kenmore T station for two months. In addition to de-phragmitezation and daylighting, the project also involves extensive dredging and restoration of the sorts of shorelines Olmsted would have been familiar with.

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Does anyone have any idea how the adjacent Carlton Street Footbridge is coming along? There's been some work done, but not nearly enough and it didn't look like there was any activity this summer, which of course was when the job site posters said it would be done. I can't imagine the jurisdictional nightmares in that exact spot, but I can imagine how long it should take to build a hundred-foot pedestrian bridge and a new sidewalk. It ain't this long.

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Considering the fact that you can walk one block down and cross over at Longwood, this is a rather low priority item.

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Hey if you feel that way, you don't have to use it. But they are actually building the thing now, so at least somebody disagreed enough to approve and fund it.

Thanks to other commenter for update on the off site component of the work. The state is almost always so bad at providing news like this to the public.

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Umpteen years ago, the proposal to replace the bridge cost several Brookline Selectmen their jobs.

Seemed like a stupid thing to get worked up after, but I didn't live there- a friend did and kept me abreast of the saga.

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The Carleton Street bridge is being rebuilt offsite and is scheduled to be installed this fall.

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Wow. That's going to be a cool installation. Any information on when this will happen?

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the bridge will be installed between Sept. 23 and Oct. 2, coinciding with a Green Line shutdown.

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on the local "dating" scene.

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A lot of pickle and carrot farmers are going to be upset.

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as you can see in this photograph the Army Corps, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to remove the reeds on only one side of the river in this area north of Aggasiz Road

I'm not a botanist, but I'm sure this is going to work out just great, right?

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...they've done quite a bit of clearing and landscaping. Not sure if those particular plants are sticking around, but the area just beyond is actually looking quite beautiful, all the way down to the MFA at least.

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Cutting them down is not the solution. We need to nuke them from orbit to be sure, Uhm... They should remove the soil with any remaining roots then refill with new soil.

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