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One last dip into the Pit

Cambridge Day provides the rundown of Saturday's farewell to Harvard Square's most famous hole in the ground, which is being removed to make the area around the T stop ADA compliant.


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I'm old enough to pre-date the physical Pit (I forget the actual year when the construction began that put it there. Maybe 80s?) but it was always a gathering place of that sort. We were hippies there in the late 60s and early 70s. I'm sure it will continue to be a welcoming place of that nature even without the physical hole in the ground aspect of it. Though with the more recent generic nature of Harvard Square, who knows?

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it was once the coolest place you could possibly go and hang out. walking around with friends, listening to indie label rock chicks singing in doorways, getting suburban girls phone numbers. we would laugh at the punks in the pit but we were all a little scared of them and never messed with them. not much left of those days and now i wont even be able to drive through and see what once was.

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there were a few murders related to kids from the pit. a lot of drugs and runaways. you never knew who you were walking by and sometimes you would cross the wrong kid’s path and have someone in your face before you even knew what was happening. some of the punks were very territorial and walking through there space was not always safe.

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Does the city of Cambridge own the pit or does the MBTA own the plaza? Why can't they figure a way to save it ?

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Once you try to add a ADA compliant ramp to the pit it's changed so much as to no longer be the pit. It sounds like they also need the space for other things.

I'm in favor of ADA compliance but there's a lot of pretty interesting things that get lost in the process. Such is life.

I'm sure when the subway was extended to Alewife people bemoaned all the stuff that was removed in the process as well. As Cambridge history goes, the Pit is still pretty new.

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Pit the Younger replaces Pit the Elder

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(she is back in the US, after all ... )

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