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Non-profit to file plans for 110 apartments and condos - and a new BPL branch - in Chinatown

Rendering of R1 proposal

Early rendering by Stantec.

The Asian Community Development Corp. says it will soon file detailed plans for a 12-story building with 66 moderate-income apartments, 44 income-restricted condos and a two-floor BPL branch, on what is now a BPDA-owned parking lot bordered by Tyler and Hudson streets between Kneeland and Harvard streets in Chinatown.

The group's letter of intent, filed this week, signals the impending filing of a more detailed project notification form, which will kick off a review process including neighborhood meetings on the proposal. In an earlier filing, ACDC said the apartments would be rented to people making between 30% and 80% of the Boston area median income, while the condos would be sold to people making between 80% and 100% of the area median income.

The proposal for the almost half-acre parcel, known as R-1, grows out of an earlier development plan at 290 Tremont St., in which ACDC is a partner with Tufts Medical Center and a pair of developers on a proposal for an apartment building and hotel. That proposal initially had space for a permanent Chinatown BPL branch to replace the current temporary one on Boylston Street, but the BPDA agreed last year to let the proponents drop the library space due to unexpected costs and delays caused by Covid-19.

49-63 Hudson St. filings and calendar.
Earlier planning documents for the R-1 site, includes preliminary renderings of the new building.



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Twelve stories ... that's a long way to the top.

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I'm guessing the developer is going to agree to install one of those newfangled elevator things that are all the rage these days.

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ACDC reference

thunderstruck and all. :)

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I should've gotten the reference since a couple of the stations I have as pre-sets in the car only seem to play AC/DC, Metallica and "Living on a Prayer."

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If two floors will house the Chinatown BPL branch, I hope they contain a lot more than 12 stories. The children's section alone should have hundreds of stories.

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It's close to the commuter rail and as Christine Araujo has informed us, the commuter rail is too expensive for people living in affordable housing.

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The air quality in the area sucks. It will get approved.

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