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This never really gets old: Possible T delays because of the cold

With temperatures getting getting down to Angostura levels on Tuesday (because they'll be so bitter), the MBTA is warning us to watch out for possible delays, even as they get crews ready to make sure trains and switches are at the ready:

The MBTA will make every effort to operate subway trains and buses at or near regular weekday schedules, but some delays may occur. ...

The MBTA is implementing its cold-weather mitigation measures, which include storing buses and trains indoors overnight, and conducting regular checks of vehicles that remain outside. The MBTA will be cycling train sets in and out of rail yards so they are not sitting idle for extended periods of time. For trains that are not running throughout the system, MBTA teams will be opening and closing doors as well as testing brakes and propulsion systems for any moisture buildup and freezing. Signaling and track crews will be inspecting all rights-of-ways to ensure that heaters for track switches and third rail are performing as designed.

So check the T winter-weather page before you leave.

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was what I heard on 'BZ1030 this evening. This was not the sort of "before times" stuff I was hoping for in 2022...



"If Boston's high on Tuesday is only 11°, it will not only break a record for the coldest high temperature, it will also be the coldest day we've seen since January 21, 2019."

So I better make sure my Orange Line survival plan is ready. Go to bathroom before leaving, phone fully charged, bottle of water, extra mask, can of Lysol, don't-fuck-with-me-not-today posture, and headphones to drown out the speaker phone yappers and high volume YouTubers not using earplugs. Oh...and leave for first train out of Forest Hills so I can hopefully get to work before 9 hours later.


… yet this post is strangely true!

So 2017. It’s 2022, those are TikTok videos that you are being forced to hear.