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Man does not live by fancy cold cuts and cheese alone: Boston's sole charcuterie-specific take-out place seeks to add beer and wine

Update: Beer and wine license approved.

Kured, which has been serving up "fast casual" charcuterie boards at 83 Charles St. on Beacon Hill since last year, learns tomorrow whether it can begin offering beer and wine to go with what people in other neighborhoods might call party platters.

Kured owner Gilli Rozynek will offer a small selection of beverages from "local women and BIPOC-owned producers," should the board grant her a beer-and-wine package license at a meeting tomorrow, her attorney, Lesley Delaney Hawkins, said today.

Hawkins said several factors contribute to the legally required "public need" for a beer-and-wine license at the location. Not only is Kured the only charcuterie-focused take-out establishment in the entire city, Charles Street is a bustling street frequented by local residents and visitors, she said. Also, some 340 people signed signatures in support of the proposal, she told the board.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association said it was not opposed to the proposal.



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