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Kind of a fuzzy dragonfly at Jamaica Pond

Dragonfly at Jamaica Pond

About to walk down from Perkins Street to the path around this pond this afternoon when I spotted this guy alighting on some of the scrub between the road and the path.


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I've noticed they will land on you and hang out, I wonder if they can sense the higher CO2 levels like their prey, the mosquito, and figure humans are a good source of free lunch, IDK?

I had one fly alongside me like a wingman while riding my bike on a boardwalk in Cutler Park. They make good company.

With some of them I've been able to get my camera right up in their faces. On some occasions I've accidentally bumped them with the lens. They don't seem to mind.

I wonder who dumped the radioactive barrels in the pond? OMG! What if the turtles are next!!!

reading the Wikipedia article on them, hadn't known they spend most of their lives as nymphs underwater, only live as winged adults for a few weeks or days.