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Jamaica Pond looking better, but still not cleared for dogs or boaters to go back in

Muskrat in yucky Jamaica Pond

A muskrat swam through a yucky Jamaica Pond on May 27.

Visitors to Jamaica Pond in recent days have noticed that the water along the edges of the pond has cleared remarkably when compared to just a couple weeks ago, but the water's not yet clear enough of toxic blue-green algae to allow boating and other recreational activities, such as letting dogs go for a swim, the Boston Public Health Commission said today.

In reponse to one person's query today, the commission tweeted:

Testing at Jamaica Pond is ongoing. Once algal levels are below the threshold set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we will lift the advisory and will reopen the pond for recreational activities. Keep your eyes out for future updates!

The BPHC ruled Jamaica Pond unfit for non-aquatic creatures, including dogs and toddlers, on May 23.

The blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, can kill dogs that ingest enough water or pondside dirt infested with it. It can make adult people sick, but is unlikely to kill them. Blue-green explosions have become a yearly summer occurrence at the pond, most noticeable by the way it turns water along the pond's edge's into a simulation of watery pea soup.


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