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If you see a movie star driving on the Tobin Bridge tomorrow, don't stop to snap their photo, state warns

MassDOT alerts us that traffic on the Tobin Bridge could be slowed tomorrow so that some movie production company can get just the perfect shot of the bridge that has come to symbolize crime-ridden Boston in all the best violent-crime movies set here.

MassDOT says that between 1 and 9 p.m., "police will escort a vehicle equipped with a mounted camera with the flow of traffic" between Boston and Chelsea.

Don't even think of stopping - or of asking MassDOT who might be driving on the bridge or for what movie - because the first is illegal and dangerous and for the second, their lips are sealed:

MassDOT has no information about the movie to provide and no information to provide regarding the cast of the movie which may or not be involved in this event.

According to the state Film Office, one movie in production in the Boston area through June is "Challengers," code named "Tire Town," which has something to do with Zendaya being at the heart of a tennis-based love triangle, rather than crime wars between tire magnates in Charlestown and Southie. The newly shorn star was spotted Thursday in Lynn, which, of course, can be reached via the Tobin.

Also filming in eastern Massachusetts is Finestkind, which would seem to fit the bill because it's a crime thriller, even if it involves Tommy Lee Jones, not Damon, an Affleck or a Wahlberg. The filming has been mostly in and around New Bedford, although one scene is set to be filmed in Dedham - but part of the plot involves a deal with Boston gangsters, and we all know which bridge they favor. Also the director wrote the screenplay for "Mystic River," which, of course, highlighted the Tobin, so maybe? Bonus fun fact: Zendaya was initially penciled in as a lead.

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If it's his movie, this would be his second Boston-based crime thriller, after 1994's Blown Away, a film that prominently featured the Longfellow Bridge.

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Oh, yeah, remember when that was required in every Boston film?

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i remember getting a mailing warning of loud bangs all the way in somerville.

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We winced when we heard it and we were downtown drinking.

The explosion blew out windows in and around Meridian Street.

The result, broken windows, a helicopter hovering over the South End for hours (for the Copley Square bomb), and a incredibly stupid movie with TLJ taking Irish accent lessons from The Lucky Charms guy. There was open laughing in the theatre.

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He’s a Harvard Man

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That Elle Woods will be driving over the Tobin again on her trip from LA to Cambridge....

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Who benefits from this closure? Some producers and some cops running details? Some crew who inflate the benefit of movies to the state? The tax credit merchants?

The Government of RI jocksniffed Curt Schilling to the point that when my Yankee fan brother in law moved to RI in 2006 that let alone did Schilling stick a stake in his team, that he owed an extra roughly $600 to the State because of the loan guarantees given to Curt From The Car.

Kind of funny that Cambridge is being all tough guy with threatening to lessen Memorial Drive closures on the weekends but somehow the people who pay for the bridge get screwed for a movie shot lasting a few seconds.

Get the stars out of your eyes ye local government and remember who you work for.

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are you talking about? I don’t see any mention of anything being closed here.

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Both the headline and the entire article describe how it's not closed, so don't stop your car to gawk at them filming a movie in traffic. If you're seeking closure, you won't find it here.

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