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From hurty tooth to sweet tooth: Former dentist's office in Neponset Circle to become ice-cream place

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to turn half of the old dentist's office at 389 Neponset Ave., near Minot Street, into an ice-cream shop called Lazy Bear.

At a hearing today, Lazy Bear attorney John Pulgini said the shop, owned by Matthew Galvin, would sell ice cream made off site, although he did not specify which factory it would come from.

Pulgini added plans for the remainder of the former office call for a yoga studio.


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From tooth aches to ice cream headaches:

Toothfully, this is great idea:

It's the molar thing to do:

An ice cream shop in an old dentist's office? Sweet!

From cavities to ice cream cones:

Happy Wednesday! :)

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