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How to ensure you always get a seat on the Orange Line

Guy in a chair on the Orange Line

Bring your own, as Professional Printer Wrangler noticed this evening. She reports the guy did NOT roll down the car like a half-empty energy-drink bottle, but only because "he was hanging onto the pole like his life depended on it."

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I did think of the poor guy who rode the Green Line on a similar chair who had the sad story of being cheated out of his house by some investor guy.

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I'm reminded of the time I happened upon some office being closed down in Harvard Square. They were tossing all sorts of expensive office equipment in a dumpster, so I nabbed an office chair that would probably have cost $500. I carried it home to Allston, but at each crosswalk I would set it down and sit in it while waiting. Must have looked odd to anyone without context!

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Nothing looks out of context in Allston.

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What does the MBTA safety code book of legal babble have to say? I say we turn the whole damn train into an old school party with the Best Hits of Philly Soul mixed in with Parliament Funkadelic groovin on the speakers. I'm setting up bar on the big metal boxes at the end of each car. Disco balls on the ceiling!! Everyone looks so mad and tired. Change is needed for happiness and good times! Haaaayyyyy!!!!!!!

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Whatever happened to DJ Nite Train?

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Wow! That takes me back.

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from a liquidating office in Malden to Davis Square, which meant transferring from the Orange Line to the Red Line at Downtown Crossing. I don't *think* I ever tried sitting in it while on the train, though.

I have brought folding chairs to Hatch Shell and other events, and sometimes sat in them on the platforms or on trains.

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is with a bicycle. If you don't have a rear rack, pull it behind you.

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Calgary couch move with Bird scooters.

IKEA minibed loveseat converted to Bird transports.

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had a guy taking home (presumably) a living room chair, no wheels. On a bus, mind you. I didn't think of taking a picture because I did not know Universal Hub was collecting them :-)

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