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Hazy shade of pollen

Yellow-green haze  over the turnpike in Framingham

Lee Toma navigated through pollen so thick it seemed like wildfire haze, only yellowish/greenish, this morning on the turnpike in Framingham. A cold front that pushed everything down towards the ground could have been responsible.


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My apartment is surrounded by pine trees and I’ve been sneezing my fool head off since Saturday.

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A bunch of people I know who have seasonal allergies have been singing the praises of high filtration masks (N95, KN95, KF94, etc.) that they originally bought for pandemic reasons but have since discovered do wonders for their allergies.

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A regular surgical mask worked for my Summer allergies the last two years. An n95 would probably work for Springtime allergies.

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I've used a KN95 to walk through the Arboretum (and immediately at least change clothes, if not shower, when I get home). And it was pretty effective. Didn't help the itchy eyes though.

But kind of impractical to wear a mask to avoid pollen in your house.

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...a pollen haboob!

(no lie, I heard a weather guy describe it as such)

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