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Four-story residential building could replace shuttered Dominican restaurant on Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale

Rendering of proposed 635 Hyde Park Ave. building

Rendering by Sousa Design.

A West Roxbury developer has filed plans to replace the long closed 100% Delicias restaurant and a long shuttered house behind it at Hyde Park Avenue and Canterbury Street in Roslindale with a $6-million, 27-unit residential building.

Under developer Antonio Ferrara's proposal, the units would be split between one- and two-bedroom units; the application does not say if they would be sold as condos or rented as apartments. Three would be listed as affordable.

The plans call for 14 parking spaces, accessed via a Hyde Park Avenue driveway; a curb cut on Canterbury Street would be closed.

A small retail space is proposed for the ground floor.

The building would have 44 bike parking spaces, 34 for residents and 10 for visitors. The application says the building is just an 8-minute bike ride from the Forest Hills T stop; however, it does not discuss how many local bike riders will do anything they can to avoid the dangers of riding on the narrow-laned Hyde Park Avenue.

635-641 Hyde Park Ave. filings and schedule.



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That intersection is fun regularly at rush hour. I think this is a good place for development because it is right on the 32. However, I dread this intersection whenever there is construction.

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Assuming they will be primarily working on Hyde Park Ave, the disruption will be after the light. As a bonus, there is a parking lane that can be occupied.

Now if they do work on Canterbury, I hope they handle it like they did the utility work a few months back, with the street only being closed limited hours. I believe that they used the hours at Sacred Heart School as a guide.

As one who goes by this location on a regular basis, I'm glad progress is being made on this. It's kind of a shame that they didn't get the house and used car lot next to the restaurant involved in this. That could have been an impressive development, but nothing against this proposal.

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I walk through this intersection multiple times a week. Would love to see something else there besides a house that’s falling apart and a parking lot. I would be interested to see what would go into the small retail spot. I would certainly support it if they decided to go taller.

Not the worst place to live car-free or car-lite. Enough stuff is in walking and biking distance, and it’s right on multiple bus lines. Agreed on biking HPA, I’ve never seen anyone biking anywhere but the sidewalk around there. Even if HPA is the “faster” route for me, I still bike through the square on my way to Forest Hills, because I respect my safety. Fingers crossed the bus network redesign makes HPA safer for everyone. (It sucks to drive it already too)

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Build it!

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A true depiction of that intersection would show long lines of cars backed up behind one poor motorist trying to take a left turn from Canterbury onto Hyde Park Ave.

They should take advantage of the development process to fix this intersection. Either prohibit left turns or widen the street to add a left-turn lane.

It’s not likely they’ll widen the street, so move the left-turning traffic over to the much wider Cummins Highway intersection, one block away.

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