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Former Hyde Park sub shop could be reborn as sit-down restaurant with breakfast

The former owner of Edu & Den's Bakery in Mattapan is looking to move into the old River Grille space at River Street and Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park's cleary Square to open an American restaurant with liquor service and hours starting at 5 a.m.

Abner Joseph finds out tomorrow whether the Boston Licensing Board will approve his request for a license to serve food and another to offer a full range of alcohol, with hours of 5 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday and 5 a.m. to 10 pm. on Sunday. Although the board can give out as many food-serving licenses as it wants, it might not have any liquor licenses to approve given the state sets a limit on the number of such licenses Boston can offer.

At a hearing today, Joseph did not give a name for the proposed restaurant, which would be run by his LLC, Boston Restaurant Bar & Grills.

He is proposing a dining room of 40 seats and a bar with 8 seats in the space that River Grille occupied until it moved to Centre Street in West Roxbury earlier this year. Before River Grille, the space was the Hyde Park Brigham's.

Joseph said he has some 25 years experience in the restaurant business. He also owns a real-estate business.

Nobody spoke in opposition to the proposal during today's hearing.



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Reminds me of the time Cappy's II Pizza & Subs across from the YMCA on Huntington Avenue turned into a sit down restaurant. With the exception that these folks at least gave some notice of the changes.

I walked into Cappy's II on a Sunday night a few years ago to order a pepper steak sub and fries to go, and they told me they are not doing that anymore.

There were 0 changes to the store, the sign was even the same but that's what I was told. I ended up with a pre-made sandwich and a bag of chips from Symphony Market.

Voting closed 7