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The drunken ducks that gave us Make Way for Ducklings

The State Library of Massachusetts recounts how author Robert McCloskey got ready to draw ducks for "Make Way for Ducklings:" He brought some live ducks home to his apartment so he could sketch them, but they moved around too fast, so he gave them some red wine, which slowed them right down.

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but then i realized what year it was and that many people on here have no sense of humor so ill just keep it to myself.

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"I have discovered a truly marvelous joke about this but the comments section of this local blog is too woke to contain it."

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...if you don't use any.

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You should practice it more frequently. Constantly, in fact. You will gradually earn the reputation of a wise, silent sage. If ever you are tempted to speak your mind, just repeat those words to yourself: "wise, silent sage". You can't have the wise without the silent.

Eventually you will achieve great fame. Admittedly, this may not happen until after you are dead, but in that case your fame will be immortal, which as everybody knows is the best kind.

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I especially love the picture McCloskey drew of himself with a box of ducklings riding the NYC subway.

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Very New Yorkerish that sketch.

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