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Doing it old school on another steaming hot day in Boston

Hydrant opened up on a Boston street

Shamus Moynihan ran across (and maybe through) this hydrant spray somewhere in Boston today - location undisclosed because you're not supposed to just open hydrants like that.

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The folks at the Boston Water and Sewer wonder if you can place this scene.

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That doesn’t look to me like a wide-open hydrant; it looks like the one of the perforated restricted flow spray caps that you used to be able to (maybe still can?) ask the fire department to put on and open up the hydrant on miserably hot days.

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Doin' it wrong. There's supposed to be kids without their neck uturned to a screen but rather laugjing, playing and getting exercise in the spray. I don't know about u guys, but that looks more fun than soending 6 whole paychecks at a touristy water park.

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