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Crash on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton kills couple from Belmont

State Police report a Belmont couple, both in their 80s, died after somebody crashed into their SUV as they were pulling onto Soldiers Field Road from near the IHOP around 7:15 p.m. Monday.

State Police say Donald Houllahan, 85, behind the wheel of their Acura RDA, and his wife, Jean, 83, were both taken to a local hospital, where he died soon after arrival and she died overnight.

Three people in the Infiniti Q50 that hit them were also taken to a local hospital with serious injuries not considered life threatening, State Police say, adding the crash remains under investigation.

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notoriously dangerous spot. very tragic.

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For jughandle lefts, but you can't really do that when you put the road right next to the drink.

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Where did it say anything about a left turn?

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but it does say that all lanes of Soldiers Field Road were closed, which wouldn't be necessary if this were a right-turn crash.

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I see your point.
It could have been a right turn and debris spread as far as the opposite lanes (or that's where one of the cars ended up), but it might be more likely to have been a left turn.

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Hope they had a lovely date night just before this happened.

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