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Congress Street under what's left of the Government Center Garage to be shut starting Monday

The city is alerting motorists and pedestrians that Congress Street under the Government Center Garage will be shut from July 11 through Sept. 5 to allow for the deconstruction of the garage.


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so I guess we'll be following the pedestrians.

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Not sure what the pedestrians will do as one of the alternate ways to get through that area has already been closed off for some time.

I can't say that my timing in committing to biking to work has been bad, though.

From where I start off, the best way to that area is to bike Cambridge St. outbound from Boston City Hall to Staniford. Right on Staniford. Veer left onto Causeway at Merrimack using the dedicated bike lanes and crossing lights.

This route is entirely bike lanes once you reach Cambridge St.

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Bike are vehicles, follow the "Vehicle Detour Route"

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Don't you mean "destruction"? Or are they repairing the garage's arbitrary signifiers?

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... not Adam's. ;-)

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Now we have confirmation that they really don't know what they are doing, so lets reward them by shutting down a major traffic artery for 8 weeks. Does the T plan to wrap the Orange and Green Line vehicles in bubble wrap just in case?

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if you don't need to worry about debris falling on people or vehicles below. If this road were not closed, I would try to avoid it anyway.

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