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Boston could have some park spray fountains working for this weekend

Boston normally doesn't turn on spray tables and the like in its parks until Memorial Day, but the Parks and Recreation Department reports it's had plumbers out this week seeing which tot sprays can get turned on for this weekend, what with potentially record-breaking temperatures in the forecast. The department says it hopes to have a list available by Friday afternoon.

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We’ve known for almost a week that it will be over 90 degrees all weekend and this is the best they can do?

It’s pathetic really. I saw kids last weekend in less heat desperately pushing buttons on playgrounds hoping for any kind of water. The city (mayor?) should’ve been on top of this and more prepared. It’s similar to Biden and baby formula. Foreseeable future with no preparatory action until it is too late.

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No Heritage Foundation or Daily Stor.....sorry, Daily Caller articles worth posting?

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Not every single criticism is a with-us-or-against-us thing. The formula situation has been getting progressively worse for weeks, and was caused by a single stop-work because rampant capitalism has turned the business of feeding babies into a hellish monopoly. No reason to sit around and wait for action when it was clear this was getting worse before getting better.

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I would assume there's a bit more work involved than just flipping a switch. Sounds like they've been working on this all week and will have some working, they're just waiting until they have a full report before making a public statement.

But if you think it could have been done faster, feel free to share your credentials and experience that leads you to think that!

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How about the fact that most water drinking fountains in parks have been broken for years? The city of Boston blows all its resources on cars and actual people get next to nothing.

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I don't go to a lot of public parks, but haven't noticed a lot of broken drinking fountains, at least once it's drinking-fountain season.

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There is a great chance Kinopio is one of those Furries who is attempting to drink out of the hose spigots meant for dogs and hoses. Those do break a lot to be fair to Kino.....

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But it's not as if they couldn't have gotten a head start on the preparatory work weeks ago; i.e. in mid-April after which the chances of a freeze are infinitesimally low. That way if there's an unexpected heat wave in May, which is not that rare in this area, they can be ready to go if forecasts predict hot weather several days out.

We are 10 days away from Memorial Day. They should have already been prepared to basically flip a switch (or turn on a bunch of valves) for this.

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And plan on sending out plumbers in late May or at least after Memorial Day. It’s unlikely these guys were just playing cards all winter and there is other things they do this time of year.

So I’ll give the city some slack. It’s rarely 90+ in May. When the forecast was known, they prioritized the project of getting them operational and will have some of them working in time to be useful.

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in mid-April after which the chances of a freeze are infinitesimally low


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But if you think it could have been done faster, feel free to share your credentials and experience that leads you to think that!

How about this: I live in a city that charges property taxes consistent with it being a rich city in a rich state in a first world country. Am I unreasonable in expecting, in return, that the fountains in our public parks should work?

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As others have pointed out, parks and rec workers have a lot of other stuff to do. It's not that crazy for them to have prioritized other work before this, and now to have changed those priorities since circumstances have changed is a good thing!

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Some time ago when I lived in the South End, I was speaking with a Boston DPW worker as they serviced the fountain in Blackstone Park. I lamented that it must be tough to get all the re-circulation pumps working again after the winter. He let me know that for many of the fountains, its just fresh water that goes down the drain.

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