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Citizen complaint of the day: Porta potty just shows up in the North End and now people are using it

Porta potty just sititng at Fulton and Lewis streets in the North End

A perplexed citizen files a 311 complaint about a temporary toilet that suddenly showed up at Fulton and Lewis streets in the North End.

There is no construction going on nearby and random people walking down the street are using it.


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Person: "where ... where ... ?"
The Doctor: "through that door, first corridor on the left, on the right."
Person: "thank you" (quickly exits)
The Doctor: "We must be in America."

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Gee I don't know.. that surely tells me we clearly do not have enough public bathrooms in the north end if people **willingly** use those.

I wish the US would hop on the pay bathroom thing. It would facilitate more bathrooms, and ppl wouldnt squawk to pay 50 cents to a buck to use an 'airport level' bathroom (in terms of quality and cleanliness)

And it would help alleviate alot of the issues we have with public restrooms. That attendant(s) will make all the difference.

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More public restrooms - this is an unfilled need.

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is random people walking down the street and *not* using it, which seems... worse?

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. .... and random people walking down the street are using it.

And the problem is?

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It's better than going on your sidewalk!! Maybe all the dog owners should take their dogs inside, as well. Have you seen the sidewalks lately in front of the Avenir? Oh, and take a look at the front sidewalk of nearby fka Jimmy John's.

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better than the alternative, p*ssing on the roads! The city should set up more

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Advantages: Easily seen; provides a beacon to guide one back to saved space

Disadvantages: Requires significant effort to drag onto the sidewalk when reclaiming parking spot, especially if occupied

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I guess the North End would rather be pissed on than pissed off.

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108 Fulton has quite a few open permits for bathroom remodeling and things. Maybe that was the closest spot on the street to put the porta-john. Maybe the "random people" using it are the residents who don't have a bathroom currently.

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Is that thing along the interior of poo-houses supposed to be a urinal? Are humans with the thing between the legs that flops about supposed to use that are just lift all the lids like at home?

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but based on my observations, I believe it is conventional to use the entire interior as a urinal.

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Forgotten pickup (or weeks-early delivery) for one of the Festivals?

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