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BPS students to walk out this morning to push for two weeks of remote learning

Boston Parents Schoolyard News reports the walkout, called by the Boston Student Advisory Council, starts at 10:30 to call for the state to let schools go online only for two weeks without being penalized due to growing Covid-19 rates. The state's current policy forbids schools from counting remote-learning days towards the 180-day minimum number of required school days.


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Anyone replying negatively to this walkout who is working remotely is a hypocrite.

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Is this "Schoolyard News" blog really a reliable source? It appears to be less than a year old and the writer of the article isn't even given.

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I don't know exactly how long, but I've been reading it for a few years now.

They have an About page, even. I think most of the articles are written by Alain Jehlen, who, unlike me, still attends most School Committee meetings.

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Definitely one-sided educational news. I take it with a grain of salt unforch.

Krista Magnuson
Alain Jehlen


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She texted me and said a teacher told her class about it. She also said the teacher seems excited
They social distance .and try to keep the kids out of groups so this sounds wrong , I told her to just come home.

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Her teacher seemed excited? Is the teacher a 12 year old? Chicago public school students are planning a walk out too — seems to be a social media coordinated trend. Protesting to have all exams and tests canceled is cute, but shows a lack or seriousness.

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Walkout to demonstrate?
Where are they going to protest/advocate? Dudley St? City Hall? State House?

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"None of the above".
Which was the point.
Which apparently passed slightly out of reach overhead.

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You had no point, you just wanted to whine about kids these days taking political action. But congrats for finally coming back and reading the article! Next time try it before commenting so you don’t look foolish.

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Listen to our young people. I mean really just listen. Show them kindness.

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So, what were the results?

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Teachers at BLS were at the doors convincing kids to stay in school.

Teachers at BLA were encouraging kids to go.

It's school registration time. Rank your exam schools by your equity gauge.

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