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Board approves East Boston cannabis shop - but without a drive-thru window

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved a proposed marijuana shop at 4 Neptune Rd. in East Boston - but without what appeared to be a takeout window shown on the submitted plans.

Brian Jones's Cannabis Healing had originally proposed a drive-thru window at which customers who ordered online could pick up their purchases without getting out of the car, but agreed to remove that at the request of the Boston Cannabis Board. The window was still shown on the plans submitted to the zoning board, however.

"This is not Dunkin' Donuts, right?" acting zoning Chairman Mark Erlich asked. "No, sir," Cannabis Healing attorney Kyle Smith answered. Smith said customers can still order online, but will have to go into the shop to pick up their goods.

The board then approved the proposal unanimously.

The shop must still be approved by the state Cannabis Control Commission before it can open.


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Glad there's no drive thru. This was a beauty supply store at a crazy section of road with several criss-crossing streets. Not sure where the drive thru would have been but, that area does need less vehicle traffic. (it's also a less than 3m walk to Wood Island Station).

Its already pretty bad as is...

and fwiw.. whether it was a dunks or a pot shop, I'd still say no to a drive in here. The interesction(s) is just so bad and jammed.

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So you don't want a drive-up window, but you're OK with those folks driving there and taking up parking spaces in order to walk in and do a pickup?

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As a long time East Boston resident, I can tell you that nothing lasts in that place. In recent years it has been a short lived hairdresser school, an even shorter lived function room (which literally lasted less than a month) and I don't know what all. Mostly it just sits empty. If you want to go way way back to the 60s and 70s, it used to be a TV repair shop, back when such things existed. The TV repairman from there would come to our house with his mysterious box of tubes and fix the TV. Different times.

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cool - finally a reason to use the Wood Island Blue Line stop

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Wood Island is really convenient to all the houses on Neptune Road!

It would be convenient to Frankfort Street as well, if the station weren’t intentionally fenced off to make sure nobody can walk there.

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