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Amazon to shut bookstore-like shop at Legacy Place in Dedham

Reuters reports Amazon is abandoning its foray into bricks-and-mortar books and is shutting all of its physical locations where it sold books, including at Legacy Place.

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they couldn't compete with the big guys?

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Did anyone see the irony in the Amazon bookstore at Legacy Place being located directly across from the former location of the Border’s which Amazon essentially put out of business?

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It was a nice place to browse for books, and if you were a Prime member you could buy them for the very low online price. But it's hard to evade the guilty feeling that you're screwing over your friendly neighborhood bookstore - if it's still there.

I dropped my Prime membership 5 weeks ago, and I'm really surprised that I haven't missed it even once.

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Your girlfriend/wife must not have that WAP - Weekly Amazon Package. ;)

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By Jeffi B and Megan Thee Strikebreaker.

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My library has even the most obscure reads a heck of a lot cheaper. Support your local library. JP resident here, and I've found some amazing free books for a swap at our beloved mini book houses as well.

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I visited a few times, saw what's new in books, then bought my books somewhere else.

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I went in there once and I saw the hive mind materialized on the shelves. Had to get out quick.

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If Amazon's bookstore closing creates an opportunity for an independently owned bookstore I'm OK with it . I mostly use my local library . The ability to borrow books on my Kindle was valuable during the pandemic. Meanwhile if I need to buy a physical book I make the trip to Brookline Booksmith

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The best is you can also easily buy something on the Booksmith website and then stroll right in and pick it up. Not that browsing a bookstore is a bad thing but it hugely increases what you can get from them.

I assume you can get the book mailed to you too.

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