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Vigil for Atlanta victims planned for victims of anti-Asian violence at Chinatown Gate

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England is organizing a vigil for the victims of violence in Atlanta and elsewhere scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. today at the Chinatown Gate.

There will be an opening statement to explain why we are gathering, and any elected officials who attend will also be welcomed to add their own statements should they wish. Following, will be a candlelight vigil with prayers by religious figures in attendance and a moment of silence.




Does anyone know how bad Anti-Asian violence in the city of Boston is? One barometer would be for the MBTA and the Boston Police to release the number of hate related reports for the past five years.

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Don't see it advertised on their website or Facebook page... is this an official event, or something a nearby restaurant thought up to attract diners?

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Stop Asian hate.

“Propagate Asian hate.” - Refugee

Continuing the “people of color as money-grubbing grifters” trope from the Nimoy thread, I see.

Questioning the motives of a community wanting to protect itself from a siege of violence and hate rhetoric is next-level scumbaggery. You know there are plenty of white power websites and Facebook groups that may be a little more your speed.

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