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Transgender community remembers Jahaira DeAlto, anti-violence advocate and one of the two women murdered in Dorchester yesterday



Tributes from across the state are coming in today for Jahaira DeAlto, who, along with Fatima Yasin, was fatally stabbed yesterday afternoon at 26 Taft St. in Dorchester.

Robert Harold Dinkins writes:

Let us not forget her ongoing work against domestic abuse and continue to uplift her name and ensure her memory lives on in this ironic twist of fate.

Berkshire Pride recalls:

Jahaira was a loyal friend, a fierce advocate, and a mother to many. Her unconditional love was felt by all who met her and her kind and funny spirit left its mark on the Berkshires - from the classrooms at Berkshire Community College to the offices of Elizabeth Freeman Center, from helping launch the first Transgender Day of Remembrance and Berkshire Pride Festival to "being all the things," as she liked to say.

Out reports she was active in the ballroom scene.

The killing makes DeAlto the 21st reported trans killing this year, putting 2021 on track to be the deadliest on record for trans Americans. She is the seventh trans woman of color to be killed in a month.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office provided this account of their murders, allegedly by Marcus Chavis, 35, who was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today:

ADA [Ian] Polumbaum, Chief of District Attorney Rollins’ Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, told the court that Mr. Chavis called 911 shortly before 12:30 p.m. Sunday and allegedly reported that he had stabbed his wife. Responding officers arrived at the Taft Street building where Mr. Chavis, Ms. Yasin and two children resided with Ms. DeAlto and encountered Mr. Chavis in the front entrance. His clothing had blood on it, prosecutors said. Inside the apartment, officers were met by the two young children, who were present in the home at the time of the murders.

The officers located Ms. Yasin and Ms. DeAlto in separate bedrooms, each suffering from serious stab wounds to the neck. Tragically, both victims succumbed to their injuries. A dog with a stab wound was also located in the same bedroom as Ms. DeAlto and taken to MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center for treatment.

The children who were present were physically uninjured and are currently safe and being cared for.

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This is so very heartbreaking. Those poor children.


My heart goes out to the families of DeAlto and Yasin.

What little good news here is that the dog who was also stabbed, Shneedle, is in stable condition after multiple blood transfusions and three emergency surgeries at Angell.


I’m glad to hear that Albie/Schneedle will survive. I will never get over the loss of Jahaira.


All kinds of wrong going on. Calling on the doctor who diagnosed the murderer with szchizoprenia and expose how bad the mental health care system is, calling on exposition of how such a loving peaceful and animal loving trans person ( as they usuallyare) has to not be protected, and calling on more protection for innocent loving pets, and calling on the failure to protect little kids.

Jahaira was a friend of mine in high school and she was extraordinarily kind and caring (and super funny and really just had a huge heart). She was always helping others who needed it. She was a wonderful person who connected people and always made things fun... and she cared so much about others.
She had so many friends and connections that I know there are so many of us that are devastated by this horrible tragedy, myself included.


She sounds like she was an amazing person.