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Three-car crash shuts three lanes on the Expressway northbound

State Police report the crash, around 10 a.m., was on I-93 in Savin Hill that resulted in injuries - and an estimated 103-minute ride from the Braintree split to downtown.

News helicopters are now hovering near the scene.


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The were helicopters around 6:45 AM and it was reported by someone on Next Door that there was a crash near the gas tank blocking lanes of traffice

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Although this incident definitely sounds like a "crash", I take issue with local TV traffic reports consistently calling every little fender bender, bump into a median strip or fence, spinout and skid a "crash" rather than an "accident". It sounds so ridiculous. All morning long all one hears is there was a "crash" here and a "crash" there. Channel 25 is particularly guilty of this. From what I gather, the reasoning behind this (relative recent) change of terminology is the somewhat weak theory that not every "accident" is actually accidental. By that line of reasoning every "crash" they report would have to make a crashing sound. Which many do not. Besides, I find it impossible to believe that there are people driving around the highways and byways of this state all day with the express purpose of intentionally crashing into other cars. Change it back to "accident".

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Remembering this as we attempt to reform our society post-COVID?

Or are we going to keep sucking and keep going on the roads at the same time en masse once we all get vaxxed?

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We will keep going on the roads at the same time en masse. .You can count on it.

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