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Swastikas carved into sign at Framingham temple

Discovered this morning at Temple Beth Sholom in the middle of the Jewish high holidays, the MetroWest Daily News reports.



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Is wrong with people?

Seems like some of the little griefers who used to mess up their friend's minecraft constructions have gone live and not grown up.

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Dopey kid with self-esteem issues feels powerful by aligning with (failed) master race. This has become so tiresome, same with the "modern" Confederate traitors flying starz 'n barz. We beat these guys a long time ago and they keep coming back. Punishment should fit the crime, a 10 page paper on the Holocaust with footnotes, read diary of Anne Frank and watch the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, followed by a speaking tour of area high schools explaining how this is not funny, Nazis are not funny, the Holocaust is not funny.

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