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Swan boats to take on passengers for first time since 2019

The Swan boats formally return to the Public Garden lagoon this Saturday - good news for both visitors and for ducks - which will face a reduced risk of death from toxins released by microorganisms that are normally kept at bay by the boats' paddling.


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For some kids this is there first and last encounter with a person propelled boat.
Thank you Mayor Janey.

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I have no animus against the mayor, but really, thanking someone for the reopening of something that has been going on all but one year since 1877 invokes a thanking of a public official?

You think too highly of people in public office and their efforts at micromanagement.

Thank the Paget family for all the years of getting the boats operating and the Public Garden workers for their efforts would be better.

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I applaud the Paget families perseverance throughout the centuries but without Mayor Janey's lifting of the ban on certain activities in the Public Garden I seriously doubt they would reopen this soon.

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As a former Swan Boat worker, I can tell you the work was taxing at times, but well suited for the 18 to 23 year old crew, but the member of the Paget family I worked for was in the Pacific in WW2.

Perseverance isn't exactly the right word for peddling kids on field trips and tourists from Omaha, versus what he did when he was 18 to 23.

Running the Swan Boats is a business, not a life and death struggle.

Besides, the market is voting with their feet, the government is behind the curve on opening dates right now. If NYC can open earlier, so can Boston. Lifting certain obvious unneeded impediments to people being outdoors is government catching up, not some vainglorious opus.

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Thanking the government for lifting the restrictions it has placed on your life and means of support is like thanking a kidnapper for releasing you or thanking the criminal justice system for letting you out after finishing your sentence. Or thanking a police officer for not shooting you during a traffic stop. Even if the restrictions were well-intentioned.

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I thought we were talking Swanboats?

I was not one of those kids.

I did canoes, catamarans, paddleboats and rowboats.

Never learned to sail or swim.

Kapok was my friend. :)

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Unfortunately I do not have a child to share with.
I'm giving up my seat this year.

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