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Swan Boats are back

Swan Boat in early part of the 20th century

A Swan Boat around 1900. See it larger.

WBUR talks to folks in the Public Garden about their return.

Photo of a Swan Boat taken between 1900 and 1906. In the Library of Congress collection.


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....on the guy pedaling. They should update that look (lose the long pants and long sleeved shirt) and have their navigators wear it.

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I like the hats on the passengers. Why did we give up hats?

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...but not women, who continued to wear hats through the most of the 60’s. I think Vatican II had something to do with that, since women could now attend church “uncovered”. More important was the trend of young people in general abandoning the dress code of their parents.

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Okay, the truth can at last be told. The rest of the country hated Danbury CT and was determined to destroy their number one industry.
Seriously, I don't know. I doubt it was Vatican II - that only affected a quarter of the population. Was there some sex symbol or young/healthy/vibrant/popular female celebrity who broke the trend? Did Mary Tyler Moore (or her characters) wear hats?

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