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Steam pipe ruptures at Kneeland Street plant, bringing firefighters for second time in less than two weeks

Steaming steam plant

Steam plant being extra steamy. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters rushed to the large steam plant on Kneeland Street near South Station around 9:45 a.m. to help deal with a ruptured steam plant in the structure.

Two plant workers were injured; Boston police officers who also responded were told to get checked out because of the possibility of asbestos exposure from the steam. Firefighters were ordered to stay out of the building.

The plant was shut until the pipe can be repaired.

On Oct. 4, firefighters responded to the plant, now owned by Vicinity Energy after fires broke out on multiple floors.

The plant, which went up in 1928, generates steam that is pumped through underground pipes to companies and medical facilities, which use it for heat, hot water, sterilization and even cooling.


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Wasn't there a fire there like last week?

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Perhaps my reading comprehension is bad but now I see it.

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I suppose someone should probably look into why BFD has had to respond twice this month to there.
Just went by it a little while ago, still steam coming out of the windows

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