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Soon may the ferryman come

View from the last ferry out of Charlestown

David Gregory snapped this view of downtown Boston from the last ferry out of Charlestown tonight, after which the T is shutting down the service because of Covid-19-related losses.


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City Councilor Campbell has a bold plan to create a ferry service to Long Island for the unhoused residents of Boston seeking treatment for addiction.

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And what's the bold plan to finance this service?

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Take the $92 million the City is planning for the Long Island Bridge.

Spend $2 million on a new dock at Long Island.

Put $90 million in an endowment and expect a 5% return per year, or $4.5 million.

Buy four hours (four round trips) of service of the existing ferry fleet at $600 per service hour. Run this 365 days per year. Cost per year: $876,000.

Take the remaining $3.6 million and put it towards additional homeless outreach and programming, etc.

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erlie in the mornin.
dump him in the drink right by Moon Island
dump him in the drink right by Moon Island
dump him in the drink right by Moon Island
let him swim to Squan-tum.

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We'll take our leave and go

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I would love to see a breakdown of how many riders are local commuters and how many are tourists, if the T has ever taken such a survey.

This ferry is something I always recommend to visitors, as it is quite inexpensive ($3.70 each way and included in the $22.50 unlimited 7-day T pass), and it provides wonderful views of the harbor and the city. I hope it will return in warm weather.

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Adam, have you also been sucked into sea shanty tik tok?

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Don't even set a price.
Don't pay the ferryman.
Until he gets you to the other side.

That way, he can set the price however he wants.

Budgeting: solved!

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Sorry that the T is shutting down services due to Covid-19 related losses.

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