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Sheriff won't be riding into City Hall


Tompkins (photo via Suffolk County Sheriff's Department).

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins announced today he won't be running for Boston mayor this year.

Tompkins said he's flattered so many people have been tossing his name out there and encouraging him to run, but said he's committed to his work as both sheriff for a county that also includes Chelsea, Winthrop and Revere, his role as chairman of the board of trustees at Roxbury Community College and the work he does with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Tompkins has been overseeing county jails since 2013.

Though I believe that I would bring a unique perspective to the role of Mayor of the City of Boston as someone who has led a law enforcement agency and the largest Sheriff’s Department in Massachusetts, I am heartened by the fact that there is no shortage of highly-qualified candidates running, each offering their own unique perspective and vision for the city.

And, so, it is with respect and at tip of the cap that I bid farewell to Marty Walsh, whom I consider to be dear friend and great colleague, and I am truly excited for him in his new appointment. I am even more excited about the opportunity and ability to continue working to improve the lives of the people in my charge and the citizens of Suffolk County and beyond.




Check out Steve Tompkins’ expense account and taxpayer funded credit card and see where he likes to dine on our dime. Ruth Chris Steakhouse is a pretty nice place, especially when someone else pays for it.


How does one even find this information out? Is there a link you can share?

News flash, dimwit. He's the county sheriff. Sometimes, when you're in positions of responsibility, formal sitdown dinners are necessary. Maybe because you had your wedding reception at Wendy's it colors your perspective a little, but could it have been he was meeting with an assistant director of Homeland Security? Or something?

Meanwhile you are trying to overturn a free and fair election and you're willing to overthrow the government to do that, so it's a matter of degrees.

The expense account regulations are very strict, as are the regulations and limits for having someone else pay the tab.


If you have actual evidence (not qanon fever dream evidence from organic shaman extraction) feel free to file an ethics report.

Otherwise? Remember that interference with a free and fair election is sedition, which is a federal crime: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-115

As big as a mistake it it for Big Hat Willie to run, at least we’re spared this goof running. Biggest political climber I’ve seen since Rob Consalvo and just as useless.


It seems like an antiquated system for someone who is basically a jail warden without a boss, sure the voter is supposed to be who they answer to but who actually knows if their Sherrif is doing s good job? A popularity and name recognition contest for an important job seems odd.


It would be expensive to have each town have its own jail for short timers, who do not go to the MCI system.

In rural areas with very limited municipal police forces, they contribute a bit more to the law enforcement environment. Outside of MA, they often are the law enforcement in unincorporated areas.

of Nothingham.

great guy, but had no chance in this enviroment. he just wanted his name out there. tell me if i am wrong, but i think people are not interested in a candidate from a law enforcement background after what happened in st louis and all across our country. this is also the year of the woman. i think this is janey's to lose... and if so, wu gets it. she is smart, well spoken... yaddda yaddaa