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They stopped in the name of love in the Charlestown Navy Yard and now one of them faces federal charges

The Supremes - Stop! In The Name of Love [The Hollywood Palace - 1965]

A woman who allegedly got out of her car with a romantic interest at a stop sign in the Charlestown Navy Yard to hug and kiss before they got back in the car and continued kissing now faces federal charges of OUI and obstructing traffic because the stop sign was within the bounds of the Boston National Historic Park.

According to a report by a federal officer who watched the alleged love that couldn't wait, the amorous couple stopped their white Lincoln Town Car at the stop sign at 5th Street and 1st Avenue shortly before 9 p.m. on Oct. 5.

The occupants got out and began kissing and hugging in the middle of the road while other vehicles drove by. The occupants returned to the car, switching places. The vehicle remained at the stop sign for approximately another minute while the occupants continued to kiss in the car.

The report continues the woman then turned onto 1st Avenue without signaling. The officer reports pulling the car over and that the woman, now behind the wheel and showing possible signs of intoxication, admitted to having had four drinks within the past couple of hours. She then failed a field sobriety test and the officer arrested her and transported her to the State Police barracks in Medford, where she allegedly blew a 0.1 on a breath test.

She was also charged with driving without a license, the report continues.

The woman, who faces up to six months in federal custody if convicted, was released on personal recognizance at a hearing on Wednesday. She faces another hearing on April 6.

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Someone must have been watching.

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Holy shit. I can understand about the motor vehicle violation with alcohol involved. But the kiss and hug?

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It was that they were putting on a PDA in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic.

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And it wasn't some random street corner, that's right in front of the guarded vehicle entrance to the military facility, as well as one of the few ways to actually get into that neighborhood.

One of the last "normal" thing I did in the before times involved driving through that gate and sleeping on a very old ship. Life was simpler back then.

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And close proximity to National Landmark adds to the charge?

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Reridiculous National Park cops get a bit overzealous with traffic infractions. And dogs.

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What the world needs now is love sweet love

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It's all fun and games until they block an ambulance.

Or something.

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It's not readily apparent that this intersection is under federal jurisdiction, or even why it should be. It is just outside the fenced and gated area that is clearly marked as the National Park. But for whatever reason, when Congress established the park and defined its boundaries in 1974, this intersection was put under federal laws and federal courts, not state laws or courts. And, as Brian has pointed out, there is a 24-hour security station right there, not just protecting the National Park but also protecting a military base and one of our national icons. So as a result, everyone who blows through that stop sign (or in this case, stops for too long) ends up with a date in federal court.

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That stop sign is not fringed in Admiralty gold cord and so I am not subject to its jurisdiction.

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I swore into the Air Force in that building. Do they still do that there?

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The Supremes singing live, rather than lip-syncing. Virtually all TV shows other than Ed Sullivan and Merv Griffin did not have real live performances.

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