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Roslindale Square's shortage of custom-made Pop Tarts to ease soon

A Belmont teacher who also bakes cakes and toaster pastries has rented the space next to the Birch Street wine shop, where the cheese shop used to be, for a bakery.

Elyse Purbaugh, also known by her childhood nickname of Weesh, reports that, at first, she'll be using the space only as a kitchen to bake orders for people who order online or by phone, but that she hopes to eventually turn the space into a walk-in bakery, maybe even with cafe seating.

Roslindale Square was once known for its plethora of bakeries, but the past decade saw most of them close, either as owners retired or landlords decided they could make more money renting to other tenants.


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Fornax sells pop-tarts, SMH.

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I didn't write there were no custom-made toaster pastries in the Square, just not enough.

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what's your metric for enough? You can usually get a poptart in the afternoon at Fornax, ergo they don't sell out first thing ergo there are as many as the market demands by my standards.

"News" blog. SMH

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... someone is being incredibly petty. SMH.

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We need to hold the local media accountable when it comes to artisanal pop-tarts or the whole thing falls apart.

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...a Puff piece?

...an article we didn't Kneed?

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