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Police looking for driver who slammed into grocery-laden pedestrian crossing McGrath Highway in Somerville, then drove away

Wanted van

Surveillance photo of wanted van via State Police.

State Police report they are looking for the driver of a white Ford Transit Connect van, whom they say hit a 72-year-old man as he was crossing McGrath Highway while carrying several bags of groceries from the Stop & Shop, then just kept on going, shortly before 8:40 p.m. on Monday.

The man was taken to Mass. General with life-threatening injuries, State Police say.

If you see a white van with front-end damage, in particular, a broken headlight, contact State Police at 781-396-0100.


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jail time, heavy fines and a permanent revocation of their driver’s license, please.

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I'm not sure we can do that for you. How about we rap him on the knuckles with a ruler and send him on his merry way?

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After all, there's probably a ton of good reasons why someone might drive into a 72-year old pedestrian in a crosswalk, cause life-threatening injuries, and then drive away.

And regardless of what they are, we should definitely treat those reasons as excuses for why we shouldn't do anything about these kinds of situations, rather than terrifying reminders of how much we've neglected human safety in favor of making things convenient for car drivers.

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When did this become an amateur comedy site?

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Are we sure it's actually illegal to hit someone with a car in this state? Is that a law that we actually passed, or did we juat assume it's the case because it seems so obvious

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I don't recall seeing one like this, plus there is a bike rack or maybe wheelchair on the back. There aren't many like this in the area.

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It looks like a Hyundai Van but not a Transit.. the retractable roof gives it away.

Also styling isn't similar to a Transit

(I only know any of this because I wanted to rent a Transit van last week and had to look up dimensions to make sure what I wanted to get would fit in the cargo area)

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