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Outdoor dining extended to Dec. 31 across Boston except in the North End

The mayor's office announced today that restaurants that offer outdoor dining outside of the North End - now with heating elements - can keep doing so for an extra four weeks.

In the North End, where residents had been screaming bloody murder for months about those extended sidewalk patios depriving them of their parking spaces, restaurants had to pack up their tables and barriers by Nov. 1.

Permission for the pandemic-inspired temporary patios was set to expire Dec. 1 outside the North End.

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As I take some time today to prep for Thanksgiving tomorrow at my house (all vaccinated with third shots within the last 15 days at my request) I want to thank you for doing so much to manage Universal Hub. I enjoy the posts and even the comments since I almost always learn something. I think I would be called a Libertarian by most and appreciate the many articles and many different interpretations of the articles. I do not comment a lot but want to let you know that I appreciate your work.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you!


Boston has cold weather, and I love that we are taking steps to make being outside more comfortable later in the year. Cold air is good for your lung! Bundle up and enjoy.


These heating elements run on renewables, right?


But no, or not yet. Should we sacrifices our restaurants until that exists?


Restaurants are not what keeps people from hunger. Genuine hunger.

What does hunger have to do this with? Yours is the first mention of the word.

That restaurants with blockades up on the street that haven't been used ever, will be able to continue to occupy residential parking places just because they feel like it?

Talking about you Street Bistro/Tangerino in Charlestown...


Do you feel the same about people who keep their cars in the streets for months on end without using them? Parking is a privilege, not a right. The streets belong to everyone.


How do you figure that? A public space can and will be used within the confines of the cities limits. In many cases at no cost and with no limit for residents. It is a defacto right until things are different, which they won't be.

Sure, Jan.


Ah the North End, where people would sacrifice their local businesses for a slightly greater chance of finding a free public parking space. Don't most of the restaurants usually have valet zones where the outdoor dining is anyway?


The public discussion was less about the parking and more about multiple instances of impeded emergency vehicle access.


Let me guess: entitled motorists ditching their cars in the travel lanes.

impede emergency access if they're using parking spaces to do so? If anything, restaurant tables/chairs are easier to move than parked cars if need be.