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Maybe being potato faced isn't all that bad

Yesterday, the day after City Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester) complained about being called "potato faced" (OK, and a couple of other things) on Twitter, the CEO of Taco Bell made a potato-faced announcement:

Frank Baker's spudding moment at Wednesday's City Council meeting, during a discussion about special elections:

The tweets that set Baker off:

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Calling people names because of their ethnicity; bad*. (*Irish person exception by Texan who complains about the neighborhood where they moved too).

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We may be locked into clones of tetraploid cultivars in the supermarket, but the true universe of potatoes is really very diverse.

I'm sure we could find a potato to match every "people colors" crayon and then some.


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We've had 4 years of it being "ok" (according to dear leader and his people anyway) to make fun of people's looks or culture, even if its based on racism, bigotry and/or xenophobia. Can we give it a rest. Let's just assume for a while, that others are thinking, caring humans like us, and, like us, they may be hurt by careless use of derogatory language. Sometimes our words may be interpreted in ways we didn't intend and its not their fault, its ours for not understanding the history of the language and the personal experience of the hearer. "Potato Faced" white guy is the same as saying [insert any ethnic group] having [racist stereotype physical attribute] to a person who grew up keenly aware of Irish genocide and the discrimination that followed in this country. Let's just stop for a while and get back to the business of fixing our country.

To that end, we should applaud anyone willing to throw their hat into the ring these days, regardless of race and as long as they promote healing and aren't perpetuating division, racism or class warfare. The more the better, lets have some good debates, let the best person emerge and not vilify others for trying, it takes guts. Too many keyboard warriors out there.

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White people aren't oppressed.

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Magoo has been told that Magoo has a head shaped like an artichoke. Magoo.

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You follow Taco Bell on Twitter?

(And yes, I watched the whole thing. And I will note that I ate Taco Bell for the first time last year, after a failure to get some Long John Silver fish.)

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But that video got a lot of play yesterday, so it showed up in my feed.

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Would he be red bliss?

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WBZ reports:

Random potatoes are showing up on front lawn of the Wayland Free Public Library.

And not just any potatoes. “Lovely baked russets,” according to the library’s Facebook page.

A single potato appeared on the lawn on Monday. A second potato appeared on Wednesday, and no one seems to know where they came from.

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