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Massive Mass. General expansion wins approval

Proposed new MGH building

Rendering by NBBJ.

The BPDA board yesterday approved a $2-billion project by Massachusetts General Hospital to replace several current buildings with a new two-wing structure that will add 1 million square feet of clinical and patient-bed space - and leave room for a possible expansion of the Charles/MGH station should the state ever extend the Blue Line down Cambridge Street.

The new building, itself along Cambridge Street, would include 482 single-patient rooms, which would let the hospital dramatically reduce its need to double up patients, and would be designed to let the hospital quickly change the use of rooms to handle another infectious-disease pandemic. When done, the hospital's total number of beds would increase by 94.

The hospital says it will also group together related specialty centers so that patients, such as cardiovascular and cancer patients, will no longer have to walk around the MGH campus when they need to see more than one practitioner on a visit. The building will also serve as a redoubt to which hospital staffers can retreat in the event and continue to work for up to 96 hours in a natural disaster or an attack.

MGH Clinical Building filings.


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Leaving some empty space in the basement for a theoretical Red/Blue transfer station is an easy way to pay lip service to transit at small expense, while actually building a massive underground parking garage.

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Magoo wonders how much Magoo has to contribute to get a building named “The Building Of Magoo”. Magoo.

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omg pls extend the Blue Line

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This. People ask me at south station bus how to get to the blue line and I'm like your gonna want to sit down and take notes here.

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In all seriousness about 1988.

The talk at the time also included the Green Line Extension.

You Somerville types know that you have about 4 of 5 months until Union Square opens with the rest off in the future.

That took 34 years to get done by the time it is done.

Meaning Bono still had his mullet and Rick Astley was just crooning Never Going To Give You Up as a hit on the radio as opposed to the Pedro 1999 level way it was used in Ted Lasso a few weeks ago when someone said; "Maybe we can get more support for cars if we pretend that we are going to extend a tunnel 1,500 feet."

1,500 Feet.

That is from Joy Street to Charles station. The tunnel already goes to Joy Street and has since 1904.

Call your reps and senators people. Get it done.

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has been considered for what, nearly a century at this point?


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