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Mask-free tax prep

LYNN (CBS) – Officials are asking a judge to force Liberty Tax Service in Lynn to close after the owner told employees and customers they are not allowed to wear masks inside the business.

The CDC has repeatedly stressed that people can have COVID without showing symptoms, and still spread it to others. Murell-Rosario insists her office understands how to “neutralize the virus,” and said she believes the masks themselves can make people sick.

“There could be HIV virus on those masks. Herpes virus, hepatitis viruses,” she told WBZ-TV.

This seems to be a theory that masks somehow attract viruses, more than say, hats, or coats, or umbrellas. I got no proof it's not true, but I'm not going to bet that it is.

So, if you're of the opinion that masks are a dangerous assault on your freedom, and you need your taxes done, rush right up to Lynn, before the place is shut down.

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I have never tested my mask for HIV.

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I would have given HIV to millions of people over the last 20 years, if it was spread via the air. Ive traveled worldwide in that time.

I should go find her and breath on her, then tell her I have HIV and watch her wiggle. Its fun to poke ignorant people. (hey after 20 years I gotta get some fun outta this depressing disease)

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Mask Immunodefiency Virus

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A Florida school is banning its teachers from getting vaccinated.

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I am curious to know how this will play out. Since the vaccine is free, the employer does not control the healthcare. So I am not too sure they can stop anyone from doing so. Your personal health does not get usurped by "company policy"

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This is an interesting question because from what I've read, legal opinions largely agree that your employer can make you get vaccinated (with some narrow exceptions). But can they make you not?

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This would scream occupational hazard.

Company bans vax
You get Covid cuz you didnt get a vax
You die

I mean when we look at fault, the company could be held responsible.

I akin this to say... a company saying they won't buy you protective gear when around asbestos. We all know gear is what protects you from breathing in the particles, its a well known fact. Since they refused to put safety over cost, they are held liable.

I'd like to think banning the vax would be similar.

(I only bring up the asbestos example, as I inhaled asbestos many years ago cuz I didnt wear gear and it turned into this big hoopla on protective gear and if the company knew asbestos existed in the location. Its all about "did they know".)

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IANAL and all that but it makes sense to me. I wonder if that could be extended further- if a company doesn't make you get vaxed, could it be liable in the same way it could be liable for not making you wear a respirator when it knows you'll be exposed to asbestos/harmful fumes/etc.?

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Not while anyone is in it, obviously.

(The co-founders house, though? Fair game, torch it with her in it, it's morally defensible.)

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How is murder morally defensible? Please explain.

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The ends of putting a final stop to someone who holds a metaphorical gun to the head of their employees by making them choose between being able to pay their rent, buy food, etc. or protect themselves from a potentially deadly, contagious disease outweighs the intrinsic immoral nature of killing in other circumstances. People like the Centner's, heck 'em.

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.... about the spread of viruses, imagine how knowledgeable she is about tax preparation.

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Liberty Tax is a franchise, and the actions of this particular franchisee are bringing the corporate brand into disrepute. There must be some clause that would allow them to break the contract.

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If you want this particular problem gone, this is probably the fastest way to do it.

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You don’t need a mask when you’re doing Statue Of Liberty cosplay on the side of the road

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This is an update. That was the Feds fining them. Now the city wants them gone.

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