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Somebody opens a hornet's nest in Cambridge by stealing a hornet's nest at Fresh Pond

Seems somebody sawed of a tree branch hosting a giant hornet's nest at Fresh Pond and now the city wants it back - city park rangers who had been videoing it were planning to remove it this week to study the unusually large nest, Cambridge Day reports.

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For weirdest story of the year. Is there...a black market for hornet's nests?


Given the number of experts and interested amateurs in the area, it seems like they knew what they were doing by waiting until after the fall die-off and carefully cutting the branch.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was in some post-doc's office or at the home of someone who just wants to show it to their kids or give it to a school.

They shouldn't have cut it down (it's not their tree) but the culprit was probably interested in it for scientific or educational reasons themselves.

I've been in stores that sell quirky ephemera, and old hornet/wasp nests are sometimes either for sale or decoration. There's a store with stuff like that in Worcester near the new ballpark.

It says they have video, but where is it posted?

It's on Facebook @cinnamngrl

I thought there was video of the theft

Time to set up a sting operation.


the nest weathered a nor’easter and several other periods of heavy rain and wind yet remained miraculously intact.

Oh, please. Enough hyperbole, Cambridge Day. This is hardly miraculous.

Not saying the thief is not a selfish asshole, but what are the rules about acquiring biological specimens in this park?

Was there a sign claiming it?
Can one pull up bittersweet vines as invasive despite their benefit as a winter food source to birds?

How about the old bird nests?

How about chasing down those who contaminate the water with fecal waste?

What about whataboutism?